Hangzhou Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Established in 1992, HZPH is your reliable partner for the life science industries involving lab scale research, commercial production and customized synthesis, we own one technical researching institute and two manufacturing plants, supplying a wide range of Active pharmaceutical ingredients, Chemical intermediates and Plant growth regulators, complete facilities and advanced technology assuring the top quality of our product!

Our equipments condition:
Temperature upto 220℃
Pressure upto 60 Kgs
Refrigeration till -60℃

Reactions we are good at:
Hydriding reduction
Asymmetric synthesis
Various C-C condensation
Alkylation reaction
Oxydation, Chloridizing and Grignard reaction

The company meanwhile has a professional and experienced team, sourcing various products in the field for the users from all over the world. We are entirely responsible for any claims from you, our profit is not from your pocket, it comes from the preferential treatment from the suppliers due to our reputable history and strong sales.

From us, you will get the first-class product and service!